4-3-14 The Captain Gets His First RBI of the Year


As I mentioned earlier this year, despite the fact that I am a Tigers fan, I’ll write a little bit more about Derek Jeter.  He’s on his last lap around the MLB world as an active player and I’m very happy for him.  I really do hope that he will enjoy this ride into the sunset.

I can only imagine what it’ll be like in five years from now when he’s announced a first ballot MLB Hall of Famer.  If that doesn’t happen, then I’ll be right with a number of other Yankee fans, prepared to riot in the streets of Cooperstown (or wherever).

At any rate, yesterday DJ finally got his first RBI of the year.  He also finds himself needing 3 hits to pass Paul Molitor on the MLB All time hits list.  Molitor is currently 8th on the list with 3,319 hits and 4th on the AL All time list.

Keep it up, Captain! Keep it up!

So Many Trolls, So Little Time

Last week, I shared with a friend who was angry with some comments that had been posted on various news stories last week, the following rules of reading the internet:

Rule #1 – Don’t read comments on the internet

Rule #2 – Don’t acknowledge trolls on the internet

Rule #3 – Repeat Rules #1 and 2

With this being the season of Lent, I suppose confession is good for the soul.  So I have to confess, I broke the rules.

This weekend, the Kalamazoo Gazette published a story about my feelings on gay marriage and the Republican Party (of which I’m the chairman of the Republican Party of Kalamazoo County (KGOP)).  I was grateful for the opportunity to do the interview and to show that not all Republican leaders/members are looking to divide the community on this question.

The story was also picked up by towleroad.com, which I have learned is a pretty influential LGBT national blog.

Unfortunately, and I really couldn’t help myself, I read the comment following both of the stories.  One that I thought was very touching asked how I would react if my son wanted to share a secret with me; that he was in love with his sister and wanted to have an intimate relationship with her? Where does it stop, incest, bestiality, etc?

Another that I found exceptional, from someone who actually tracked me down on Twitter and on this blog, said I was stupid for being a minority who is a Republican:

Sure the anti-gays are fringe, like the anti-woman, anti-Muslim and racists too. These are the majority of conservatives, not the minority and for any minority to not see this, it just shows how stupid they are.

Towards the end of the interview with Julie Mack, I shared with her how frustrating it was to share my view on gay marriage, not because I would be attacked by those who are more conservative on the issue.  It’s frustrating because some of those who I am an ally with on this issue can not tolerate the idea that I have an R behind my name.

Folks, intolerance is intolerance no matter what party you’re in.  Republican intolerance is not better than Democratic intolerance and Democratic intolerance is not better than Republican intolerance.

So here’s my suggestion/response to all of the trolls out there.  How about you on both sides of the issue … just stop doin’ drugs, um’kay!  Drugs are bad!

Noah … Uh … NOAH FREAKIN’ WAY!!!


For some reason, I thought the Michigan/Tennessee Sweet 16 game was going to tip-off later tonight.  Unfortunately (and from what I understand from the replays, perhaps fortunately) I decided to go see the movie Noah since this is its’ opening weekend.

There’s been a lot of buzz about the movie going into it.  A number of Christian organizations are calling for a boycott of the movie because it doesn’t follow the Bible.  To that complain I have to point out that the total story of Noah’s Ark takes up 3 chapters in the book of Genesis.  You’re not going to make a movie just on that.  In addition, there’s always some creative license taken in order to get a movie to the 90 minute mark.  I’m not going to a non-documentary movie for factual accuracy. I’m going to hear the director’s/producer’s/writer’s/actors voice and message that they are willing to share with the world.  Maybe it’ll be valid, maybe it’ll challenge your own way of thinking, maybe it’ll just make you laugh.  So with that approach, I went to see the movie.

I also wanted to see the movie because it was directed by Darren Aronofsky. I usually like his stuff. I especially liked Black Swan (and not just because of Natalie Portman).  I liked it because it was a great approach at dealing the question of what is real and what is not.  It is a movie that challenges you to watch it a couple of times to really make sure you get it.

Perhaps I was expecting a little of that with Noah.  I don’t think that raised the bar to the unachievable for me.  Which is a good thing, because leaving the bar alone, the movie tripped over itself trying to build up speed getting to the jump.

There is no question that the CGI effects are well done.  Even with the moments where the effects were a little cheesy (i.e. shots from orbit showing Pangaea; the shots showing hurricanes all over the Earth during the flood), they were dazzling.  I will warn you, if you don’t like snakes/lizards/creepy crawly things, you probably won’t like one of the scenes where the animals arrive at the Ark (hope you’re paying attention Mom … just sayin’).

But great movies are about the story, the directing, and the acting.  The story and the directing couldn’t figure out what they wanted to do.  Is this a movie that warns us about the need for conservation?  Is it a movie that promotes vegetarianism over eating meat?  Is it a movie that shows how dark man can get when he’s desperate for survival?  Is it a movie about blindly following a higher power, to the point where you no longer doubt that you’re interpreting the “Creator’s” message?  Is it a movie about hope? Is it a movie about darkness?

Aronofsky and the story never can figure that out and as a result they throw all of that at you.  It’s like they wanted to make a biblical Black Swan and ended up covering all ends of Pangaea.

Then the acting.  The only two actors who were tolerable were Russell Crowe and Anthony Hopkins.  Russell carried the internal struggle that Noah experiences (almost into madness) very well.  At times, he was very reminiscent of the effort he showed in A Beautiful Mind.  And Sir Anthony Hopkins is always good in whatever he does.

Unfortunately, Jennifer Connelly and Emma Watson (both of which do their best) are trapped by the confusing/wandering/poorly written story. Connelly, especially, tries very hard to build the chemistry that she and Crowe had in earlier efforts.  Again, the script just doesn’t let that happen.

And Watson … well, she’s moved on from Hermione Granger, which is a good thing.  Hopefully she’ll get better scripts in the future to let her really move on.

At the end of the 2 hour monstrosity, which ended way to conveniently, it was interesting to hear absolute silence from the audience as the credits rolled.  I ended up being one of the last people to leave the theater mainly because I was busy posting an early warning to my friends.  As I left, I noticed the other 4 people left (I counted about 95 people who were there) were also texting/Facebook’ing/Tweeting what I can assume were similar warnings.

I think the another good way to describe the movie is to quote what a couple of grad students who sat in front of me said when the lights came up, “What the fuck was that!”

Like Noah, I feel like I’ve done my duty and I have now warned the rest of mankind … JUST … DON’T … DO … IT!

Thank you! What a Start to another Score of years

Just a quick post today to say how amazing it is to have a birthday these days. Thanks to the power of social media, over 323 people wished me a Happy Birthday yesterday.

It’s hard to describe how it felt to see my newsfeed fill up with notes and messages from good Friends that I see often and good friends that I haven’t seen in a long while. What was kinda a lonely and dreary day (because I was really feeling old for some reason)suddenly became full of sunshine and warmth.

I tried to “like” and say “Thank you” on each individual post, but I am sure I missed a few. So, with apologies to those who I didn’t get to thank individually, let say once again thank you to all of you who took a little time out of your day to think of me.

I have had 40 laps around the Sun and who knows, maybe I’ll have 40 more. I’m glad that I get to spend them with so many of you!

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