Aside from driving me to start this blog, I blame Facebook for driving me crazy by putting an acoustic version of Outkast’s “Hey Ya” in my head for approximately 6 days. I suppose if I really count, it’s been 5 days 16 hours and 39 minutes or so.

At any rate, it was used to show the power of a romantic display during the latest episode of Scrubs. I think it’s funny that I never got the message of the song until I hear the acoustic version over and over and over and over again.

Have I mentioned that it’s stuck in my head?

At any rate, tonight as I try to exorcise it from my mental cavity, I find myself full of self-doubts about my future. Nothing love related at all … just in general.

At any rate, of the lyrics in the song, this one is sticking with me tonight:

You think you’ve got it
Ohh, you think you’ve got it
But got it just don’t get it
Till’ there’s nothing at all.

There have been a few times this year, either on the basketball court, at home, or in a long ass Jaycee meeting where I just knew that I got it … I just knew in that moment that I had it.

But then the moment passes and got it just don’t get … and I’m left with nothing at all.

Perhaps I’ll get another moment on this in the next four or five days.