The end of a second tough week for me was sent out with a great light show. The day started with a series of severe storms and ends the same way. According to WOOD-TV 8 (based in Grand Rapids, MI) kept cutting in and out of coverage thanks to 60 MPH winds and over 7.5 inches of water in the city of Holland.

I personally had to chuckle, not at the damage occurring throughout the area, but at the way WOOD-TV was trying so very hard to play it up. Was it a tornado? No. Was it a hurricane? No. It’s a storm in Michigan in the summer!

Now, if there’s a tornado, well then … sign me up because I’m all about storm chasing. If I ever go on a vacation that was just mine to plan, I’d look up one of those storm chasing companies that will get you to a tornado and even take your picture in front of it. Actually, if I was a little better with the sciences, I’d try to join one of those scientific patrols that you seen on the series Storm Chasers.

My daughter wasn’t as big of a fan of tonight’s storm as I was. It seemed that each time there was thunder, she was right out of bed announcing to the world: “Mommy! Daddy! That was thunder! And now we have to fix the clocks!”

I do remember when I was younger, before I started my infatuation with storms, my grandparents would tell me: “Thunder is just God bowling up in Heaven … and when there’s lightning with it – that’s God rolling a strike.” I wish my grandparents were here this week to tell me more stories about what a storm is, so I can more easily get to sleep tonight.

Oh well, if I stay up late enough, maybe I’ll order one of those Ronco Showtime Rotisseries … chicken anyone? 😉