So, today the Grim Reaper has been busy. Not only did Death come to claim Farrah Fawcett at the age of 62 today, but then Death decided that it wouldn’t be right to leave L.A. without bring Michael Jackson with him. And considering Death took Ed McMahon early this week – I agree with something Rich Studley tweeted a few moments ago “There is a Heavenly Tonight Show tonight. The reunion of Johnny Carson and Ed McMahon with special guest Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson.”

I was going to blog about some quotes from Forrest Gump tonight, but in honor of MJ and to testify to the fact that I was one of the few people who liked the song“You Rock My World” … I share this video with you tonight.

Rest in Peace, Michael, Farrah, and Ed. There’s no more stress and no more paparazzi to torture you anymore.