As I have started taking classes again, I find that despite the fact I’m in an entry level class for my Masters in Legal Studies course, I’m learning a lot more about things I thought I already knew. It’s mainly been how to interact with different styles of learning, with different communication styles of other people, and it’s been a good experience thus far.

Today, I’ve been writing one of two papers I have to do for my “mid-term”. During a break from the paper (in which I’m also writing this blog), Men In Black – Part I was playing on the tube. Funny movie and I really enjoy it.

It makes a good point, however, about 40 minutes into the film. Will Smith’s character is shown that we are not alone in the Universe and asks the question “Why not just tell people?” The answer from Tommy Lee Jones is very accurate.

A person is smart. People panic, easily. But beyond that, Jones’ answer about what we know and when we knew it and right on spot.

Imagine my friends, what we’ll know tomorrow.