Saturday Morning, November 7, 2009

Taking The House

My friends, I must tell you that I have made a terrible mistake. Thursday night of this week, the night before we started the final steps of our annual elections process, I made the error of watching Ocean’s Eleven. Every time I watch that movie, I get the following thoughts floating through my head (in no particular order):

  • “Man I wish I was as cool looking as George Clooney!”
  • “Man, I’d love to get a crew together for a classy hest like that!”
  • “Damn it! Clooney’s right on when he says those lines!”

Which lines?

These lines:

Why do this?

Why not do it? Because yesterday I walked out of the joint after losing four years of my life and you’re cold decking “Teen Beat” cover boys.

Because the house always wins. Play long enough, you never change the stakes, the House takes you. Unless, when that perfect hand comes along, you bet big, then you take the House.

Did I rush that?

I felt like I rushed it.

Seriously though, these lines are spot on. If you do the same thing and never change how you play the game, you’re going to lose. If you don’t make the most of your opportunities when you get those opportunities, you’re going to remain behind the rest of the pack.

This weekend, we’re going to see people who are betting big. We’re going to see people who are betting big on us. I wouldn’t be surprised if these people, more likely than not, are going to take the House because of what we do as an organization.

My question to you this weekend is, “Will you join them and bet it all?” Or shall we all forget that The Sky is the Limit?