So I’ve been fuming about a statement Pat Robertson made about the situation in Haiti. He actually said that Haiti is suffering because back in the 1700’s, when they drove out the French, they made a pact with the Devil in order to do and ever since then they’ve been plagued by the Devil.

It angers me that this sly form of racism continues to permeate our society. Take a look at the history book, Pat! The slaves revolted and that is what got the French out.

The slaves revolted and that gave a great example for people who are enslaved to fight for their freedom.

Haiti revolted and showed the world that slaves could be free.

This article by C.S Manegold turns Robertson statement on its head and reminds us of the truth.

And it’s truth that we need rather than people like Robertson trying to spread their ignorant and offensive racist remarks about a country that has been devastated by natural disaster.