Pretty much everyday, when I get to work and boot up the computer, I read the latest political news from the MIRS News Service and from the Gongwer News Service. These are both “Inside the Lansing Beltway” rags that typically get their scoops right. There are very few times that I doubt their accuracy.

Both MIRS and Gongwer reported on something today that left me completely bewildered. As my beloved GOP gets ready for our August convention where we will nominate candidates for Secretary of State, Attorney General, and a number of other statewide offices, a racist hit piece on candidate Paul Scott was mailed to GOP delegates. The piece looks like this:

Now, I don’t care if you don’t like President Obama because of his policies (which I don’t). I don’t care if you don’t like Mike Steele because of how he currently runs the National Republican Committee (which I think has been troublesome). I don’t care if you don’t like Paul Scott because he’s only served one term in the Michigan House of Representatives (which does not impress me).

I do care that someone is trying to insinuate that you should not support them because “they have something in common?”

I’m curious – what do they have in common? They’re all men, so should you not support them because of their gender? Sure, because there have been no positive male leaders in the history of our country.

No, that’s not it? Hm, must be their apparent appreciation of wearing dark suits. Those types of clothes must distract people from the public policy debates that we need to have these days?

No, that’s not it neither? Must be because they’re black … and how dare the GOP support someone who is a minority!

I have proudly been an African-American Republican for over two decades. I have put up and fought against the charges of being an “Uncle Tom” because I believe in less government, lower taxes, and allowing people to be and think for themselves. I have participated in a number of heated arguments at the Thanksgiving table because I believe the GOP best represents the public policies I support.

And I still believe this despite knowing that there are “closet” racists within the party. I know there are and there are just as many “closet” racists in the Democratic party as well. I maintain that is why Keith Butler was torpedoed in the GOP primary in 2006. But I have stuck with the GOP, have worked for the GOP, have volunteered and voted for the GOP for years rather to be taken from granted by the Democratic party.

However today, I am angry. I’m pissed off. I want to throw something because of crap like this! I understand where this Tea Party thing comes from. The partisanship in Washington has led to gridlock and opportunities for horrible policies to be enacted in sloppy ways. People are still trying to figure out what all was slipped into the Health Care Bill, things that have nothing to do with health care. It can be frustrating watching Congress go nuts when there’s nothing that is really putting them in check.

But at a time where my beloved party can regain some traction back from the losses we suffered two years ago (and can even take back the Governor’s mansion), the “closet” racists decide that these types of attacks and arguments are appropriate now.

How f’n idiotic!

If our goal is to win, then let’s focus on the policies that will help us win – and those policies do not include anything that is based on race. If our goal is to win, the get behind the candidates who have worked hard to build the base of voters that will win the election for us. You want us to “stick with our pride and principles” then either put your name on this hit piece and get the hell out of the racist closet or frankly, shut the hell up because you’re destroying our party, our state, and our nation!

If the GOP wants to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, then by all means let’s keep mailing hit pieces like this and let’s keep insinuating that minorities don’t deserve to be in the GOP leadership or in the tent at all. Keep that up, and watch this angry politico leave the party in hopes of finding something else!