Tonight, after finally getting out of a hectic day in the office, I drove quickly across the state to catch Alex’s basketball game. He’s the starting point guard for the Heritage Christian Eagles and they played Calvin Christian tonight.

Wasn’t a pretty game for Heritage (2nd half killed them), but there are a few highlights of the night:

  • Alex had 10 points, 4 boards, and 4 assists. 8 points came from jumpers inside the 3 point arc, 2 from the line.
  • He has great speed on the court and is pretty decent with dribbles with both hands. He especially likes the left to right cross over dribble which he used a lot tonight to move to the hoop. He really could have scored with that a lot if Calvin wasn’t playing zone so much.
  • He’s still getting his feel for playing defense. But if he works to find those passing lanes and can shut them down when his guy doesn’t have the ball, he’ll really be good at the top of a 2-3 zone
  • As I stood watching the game, I thought back to my time when I played ball at Hackett. Had I come across Alex back then, he’d school me one-on-one. I had some moves, but what I saw out there tonight makes me very proud of my son.

    Now the trick is to figure out how I can get some D-1 schools to take the time to check him out!