Niki and I sat down a few days ago and we realized that we hadn’t even started on our Christmas card list. We looked at each other and said, practically at the same time, “I’m OK in not doing cards this year if you are because I’m really tired right now.” I’ve come to learn, after 14 years, that if we say the same thing at the same time – it’s a pretty good sign that a decision has been made.

I think it’s also a sign that we’ve had a very busy year, as you can see in these brief recaps.



Niki still works at PNC as a hiring manager. As PNC grows its footprint, Niki seems to to be in interviews all of the time, hiring class upon class of new call center folks in the Oshtemo call center. On top of that, Niki helps lead the Girl Scout Troop at Indian Prairie Elementary and is doing stuff with the Girl Scout Council in Kalamazoo County. It works out nicely because Cristiana really enjoys scouting.



Speaking of our Sweet Pea, she is now a very energetic 7 years old and is a second grader at Indian Prairie. Taking after her Mom (and OK … a little bit like her Dad), she’s the head of her class. Loves to read and loves to sing. It seems she’s getting patches for her Girl Scout sash every week these days and has made numerous trips to Girl Scout camp and other events throughout the state. She is also proud to let people know that if you are looking for Girl Scout cookies, she’s got the hook up since her Mom is a former “Cookie Mom”! She has also decided that she wants to be an artist when she grows up, which explains why the house has lots of arts & crafts all over the place.



Hard to believe that Alex is 17 years old now and is a senior in high school. It’s been a bit of a trying year, as Alex transferred to a new school this year (long story short … Heritage Christian Academy did not live up to expectation). But he’s landed on his feet at Kalamazoo Christian High School and is doing well. So well, in fact, that he’s been accepted to Western Michigan University, Calvin College, and the University of Michigan. He’s pretty excited about that and is looking forward to starting an engineering program once he decides where to go. He continues to play the drums and also looks forward to playing soccer again (he couldn’t play due to the MHSAA transfer rule) once he gets settled in college.

2-11-12 DQW Grooving again


What can I say about my year. It started out with me looking forward to relaxing, enjoy my step down from my year as the 87th Michigan Jaycee President and it turned into a year where I ran for County Commissioner and ended up as an appointed County Road Commissioner and the elected Chairman of the Republican Party of Kalamazoo County (so much for getting back into my golf game). I’m still with the Michigan Bankers Association as their Policy Director, commuting almost every day to Lansing. I also started running this year, ran my first 5K and once the New Year starts, I’ll get back into training for my first 10K.

Buster & Indie


Buster & Indie still continue to rule the house. Indie has taken up drinking water directly out of the faucet in Dave & Niki’s bathroom tub/shower, and if we’re not timely with turning on the water she will yell at us until we do. Buster has stopped trying to steal Dave’s glasses at night and now has settled on just knocking things off Niki’s dresser around 2:30 in the morning. Both would like us to remind you, when you visit, you need to recognize that you are visiting their house. The Worthams’ family just lives there to service the cats.


At any rate, our lack of energy to send out cards this year does not indicate that we don’t care about our friends and family. We think about you all often. We miss those of you who are out-of-state. We miss those of you who are in state, but we don’t see all that often. And we really enjoy the time we spend with those we do get to see more often.

We hold you all in our hearts and we wish you the Merriest of Christmas’ this year. May God bless and keep you and give you a great finish to 2012 and an even better 2013!