This afternoon, while waiting to perform the role of “Driver” in the latest chapter of “Fatherhood & Kids Who Play Soccer”, I caught the movie/musical “RENT” on the tube. Now, I’ve written about how it is my favorite musical before. I’ve written about how I’ve used the lyrics for “Seasons of Love” to inspire myself and other folks in the Jaycees throughout my Jaycee career. I could go on and on ad infinitum about the times I’ve sung the entire show on my commutes to Lansing and throughout the State, often singing the various parts interchangeably and without regard to who else might be in the car at the time (or if other drivers on the road are watching).

It is said that “The Lord works in mysterious ways” and that He’ll speak to us in all different types of ways and use all different types of methods. I wonder if He was trying to say something today when I tripped upon RENT today … particularly at the part that I came into the middle of … “Santa Fe”

Like people often do, there are a lot of times when I just feel down in the dumps. There are times when I get so fed up with red lights, potholes, other drivers, the weather and other things in my hometown that I swear I’m just going to get on the highway and instead of going north towards the Capitol, I’d go south towards Florida or Texas or Arizona. There’s only so much of Kalamazoo and there’s only so much of Michigan that one guy can take.

“Santa Fe” starts with the lines:

New York City.
Center of the Universe
Times are shitty but I’m pretty sure they can’t get worse.
It’s a comfort to know, when you’re singing the hit the road blues
That anywhere else you could possibly go after New York
Would be a pleasure cruise

This week, the politics of Michigan really made me think of getting the heck out of here. Well, really it’s been since Dave Agema opened his stupid mouth and started his crusade to cure our society of homosexuals, no matter how it destroys the viability of my political party. I made a statement about what I feel on the situation and on Agema’s clear unfitness to be a leader in the party when it happened.

I’ve observed how my words fell on deaf ears and actually how those ears, those of Agema’s and his flock, turned and attacked homosexuals even more and those who are ally’s of homosexuals. I’ve been attacked and I expected that.

I’ve also been attacked by some who I try to be an ally of. I’ve been accused of bigotry because my solution is to treat civil unions the same as civil marriages. At times it felt like no matter what I did, it was wrong.

I so wanted to move to Santa Fe and open up my restaurant.

The thing about the first act of RENT, Santa Fe is followed by “I’ll Cover You” a song that shows how beautiful love can be between two people.

That perhaps is the message that I needed to hear today. No matter how many disappointments we experience, no matter how much we cry out “LET’S OPEN UP A RESTAURANT IN SANTA FE” we, hopefully will have love in our lives. Be it our families, our husbands/wives, our lovers/boyfriends/girlfriends, our best friends, our sporting teams, whatever it is, with love in our lives and with love for one another we can survive.

When I think of that, I lose the desire to drive away. I get back to the place I call home with all of you, regardless of politics and the weather.

Thanks y’all for keeping me here.