In the month since I’ve last posted, I’ve experienced a lot of ups and downs.  Sometimes it seems that there were more downs but it may just be that when there were downs … they were really at a steep angle.  The inclines seemed to be much more gentle.  I’m not sure that’s an indication that there’s something wrong in my noggin’ … perhaps it’s just the steep angle of a downward trend skews ones perception.

One of the downs was the tragic loss of a high school friend.  You’ve probably seen my FB statuses and shared links about Lisa Herrera and her son Max.  I find myself struggling with not only how they were taken from this world but also with the fact that I said goodbye to a small box of Lisa’s cremains.  There was/is so much more to Lisa than just a small box of ashes.  In my mind, at the least, she deserved to have pall bearers and to have her body/casket sprinkled with the waters of our baptism in Christ.  I’m very angry that she didn’t have that opportunity, even though I know she sleeps in our Lord’s embrace nevertheless.

A number of people who I know have started blogging/sharing/FB’ing some form of a “Bucket List.”  Some call it “40 things to do before I’m 40.”  I don’t think I can call mine that since I’m about 1/4 of the way through my 39th lap around the Sun … so “87’s Bucket List” it is and it’ll probably be the 39th version of it.

There’s a part of me that hates these lists.  I start to write one down and find that it’s all about me.  In my mind it becomes very selfish and frankly is unworthy of the goal of such a list.  I mean shouldn’t these list be about improving the lives of others or leaving a positive impression of one’s time on earth?  Of course, when I ask that question, I come up with answers that make me sense a downward slide coming on because I know it’s not good to be selfish.  Hard to tell that I know that, sometimes, considering the way that I’ve lived my life at times thus far.

At any rate, I’m going through the “Bucket List” exercise as I write today’s blog and I’ve discovered something new is happening to me during this particular list.  While it started out being “All About Dave”, as I’ve reached item #46 I’ve discovered that it’s transforming into something else.  I can’t put my finger on it totally, but it’s has turned the last hour that was sliding downward into a peaceful gentle upward climb (especially as I envision #’s 29 & 30).  I hope that feeling lasts a while … I could use a smile right about now.

So with that … here’s the 39th version of “87’s Bucket List”:

  1. Stand in the Oval Office
  2. See a Supreme Court hearing
  3. Visit Mt. Rushmore
  4. Visit the British Parliament during PM’s Questions
  5. Run a Marathon
  6. Fly an airplane
  7. Perform a rock concert as a singer of a band at Pine Knob
  8. Attend the Kentucky Derby
  9. Play a 9 inning baseball game in Comerica Park
  10. Earn a PhD or a JD (’cause the robes are cool)
  11. See a NASA Rocket launch (would be better if it was the Space Shuttle)
  12. See the Space Shuttle, try to touch it’s controls
  13. Visit every MLB ballpark
  14. Drive a car at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway
  15. Sail a boat on all 5 Great Lakes
  16. Visit all 50 states
  17. Walk to the bottom of the Grand Canyon
  18. Own a home on Mackinac Island
  19. Own a home on Old Mission Peninsula
  20. Umpire in a Little League World Series game
  21. See the State of the Union in person
  22. Have a speaking part in a professional movie
  23. Join the Academy of Motion Picture peeps who vote on the Oscars and vote on the Oscars
  24. See Mt. Everest in person
  25. Visit the Vatican
  26. See a round in each of Golf’s Grand Slam
  27. Watch Wimbledon in person
  28. Join the Kalamazoo Country Club
  29. Own a recording studio
  30. See Alex & Cristiana graduate college
  31. Walk Cristiana down the aisle at her wedding
  32. See Niagra Falls
  33. Become a black belt in karate
  34. Own a Monet and a Renoir
  35. Preside over the State Senate
  36. Own a pub
  37. Own a Porsche 914
  38. Own a helicopter like “Airwolf”
  39. Step on an active aircraft carrier
  40. Go faster than the speed of sound
  41. Hit a hole-in-one
  42. Earn a Knighthood/Dukedom/Lordship/Viceroyship
  43. Help a complete stranger
  44. Make & Keep a good friend
  45. Finally feel happy
  46. Learn to forgive others & myself
  47. Find the joy in life and share it

Here’s to our respective “Bucket Lists” and to the positive ways they change each of us and the world around us.