Last week, I shared with a friend who was angry with some comments that had been posted on various news stories last week, the following rules of reading the internet:

Rule #1 – Don’t read comments on the internet

Rule #2 – Don’t acknowledge trolls on the internet

Rule #3 – Repeat Rules #1 and 2

With this being the season of Lent, I suppose confession is good for the soul.  So I have to confess, I broke the rules.

This weekend, the Kalamazoo Gazette published a story about my feelings on gay marriage and the Republican Party (of which I’m the chairman of the Republican Party of Kalamazoo County (KGOP)).  I was grateful for the opportunity to do the interview and to show that not all Republican leaders/members are looking to divide the community on this question.

The story was also picked up by, which I have learned is a pretty influential LGBT national blog.

Unfortunately, and I really couldn’t help myself, I read the comment following both of the stories.  One that I thought was very touching asked how I would react if my son wanted to share a secret with me; that he was in love with his sister and wanted to have an intimate relationship with her? Where does it stop, incest, bestiality, etc?

Another that I found exceptional, from someone who actually tracked me down on Twitter and on this blog, said I was stupid for being a minority who is a Republican:

Sure the anti-gays are fringe, like the anti-woman, anti-Muslim and racists too. These are the majority of conservatives, not the minority and for any minority to not see this, it just shows how stupid they are.

Towards the end of the interview with Julie Mack, I shared with her how frustrating it was to share my view on gay marriage, not because I would be attacked by those who are more conservative on the issue.  It’s frustrating because some of those who I am an ally with on this issue can not tolerate the idea that I have an R behind my name.

Folks, intolerance is intolerance no matter what party you’re in.  Republican intolerance is not better than Democratic intolerance and Democratic intolerance is not better than Republican intolerance.

So here’s my suggestion/response to all of the trolls out there.  How about you on both sides of the issue … just stop doin’ drugs, um’kay!  Drugs are bad!