I stayed up late tonight, thanks in part to my sleep schedule being thrown off by a cold and thanks in part to the late night broadcast of the “Bad Boys” 30 for 30.  I’ve already written about how proud that team made me and of the memories I have about growing up watching them.

But tonight, I took a moment to look up one of the name that the documentary was dedicated to.  A picture of Chuck Daly and Matt Dobek is the last shot of the documentary before it goes to black.  Chuck Daly I know … he was the coach.  He was slick and was the man!  I do not know much about Matt Dobek.  So … I googled it.

Michael Rosenberg of the Detroit Free Press knows him and he wrote his obituary (found here). Matt is the former Vice President of Media Relations for the Detroit Pistons.

I suffer from depression from time to time.  I know others who do as well. I can relate to the feeling of being lost and of darkness that can be a part of your world after losing a job … especially one that was a major part of your life for almost 3 decades.

I’m sorry that I’m just now learning about a guy who was very good at bringing the world a little closer to a group of guys who were family and build some basketball pride in the Motor City. I don’t know what is more tragic, the fact the Matt took his life, the fact that I knew nothing about him or what he did for the Bad Boys, or the fact that there are so many people who silently suffer from depression that we don’t know about at all … regardless of a 30 for 30 documentary, an NBA championship, or not.

Rest in Peace Matt Dobek and thank you.