He Called CHAMPIONSHIP! Villanova wins!

Let me begin by recognizing that it’s been over a year since my last post on my blog.  These things come and go in phases, I guess.  Sometimes, I’ll be inspired to write something.  Other times I won’t be.

But I figure as long as I’m paying for the domain name, maybe I should write at least one every 18 months or something like that.  Which brings me to this post.

I used to run a free NCAA Tournament bracket annually for 21 + years. But then last year I decided that I would take a break from a lot of fantasy sports leagues and that included the annual bracket.  I discovered, however, that I missed running the bracket and doing that sort of thing.  So I brought it back this year – and I was pretty sure that I was going to be the champion basketball prognosticator in the Worthams’ household.

Then the first round happened … WTF?! I had to concede the prognostication title to Niki after the first day of the tournament (I don’t count the play in games as day one).  Eventually I was OK with that because it would free up my time from having to watch the rest of the tournament (which it didn’t … but whatever).

In looking at the results of the bracket, I can be proud of the fact that this year’s champion is someone who I shared a lot of basketball knowledge with, as her basketball coach and later as a a friend.  So, while it maybe a stretch, I can say I had some influence on her picks and might be able to take a little credit for her win?

No … I can’t say that because I didn’t even pick North Carolina to make it past the Elite Eight.

Second place (losing the tiebreaker apparently) is someone else who I have shared some knowledge with. Granted it is parliamentary procedure knowledge, which can be used to block someone from taking an action. And since blocks are a big part of basketball, maybe I can take credit for her selections?

No … I can’t say that either because I didn’t even pick Villanova to get past the 16.

And I doubt Niki will even let me say out loud that I influenced her picks without having to pay some form of penance that involves a hungry lion or a Lou Rawls song … so I’ll just say that I suck at basketball. I suck at watching basketball and I should never … ever … be allowed to glance in the direction of a basketball game or a remote that is connected to a TV upon which a basketball game would be displayed.

At any rate, CONGRATULATIONS TO THIS YEAR’S CHAMPIONS! Enjoy your bragging rights and be prepared to embarrass me again next year:

1ST PLACE – Kelly Nash – 1,140 Pts – picked N.Carolina to win
2ND PLACE – Fay Walsh – 1,140 Pts – picked MSU to win
3RD PLACE – Eric Schmidt – 1,110 Pts – picked N. Carolina to win

Results of the Worthams Immediate Family Basketball Prognostication Championship – 1ST PLACE – Alex Hinton – 10th Place overall – 900 Pts – picked MSU to win
2ND PLACE – Niki Worthams – 20th Place overall – 810 Pts – picked MSU to win
3RD PLACE – Niki Worthams – 34th Place overall – 670 Pts – picked MSU to win
4TH PLACE – DQW – 37th Place overall – 620 Pts – picked MSU to win (those f’ers!)
5TH PLACE – Cristiana – 40th Place overall – 560 Pts – picked Fresno State to win
6th PLACE – Alex and/or Haley Hinton – 44th Place overall – 540 Pts – picked Hawaii to win

For the full list – check out: THEE Results