Check out the wisdom of Prince Rogers Nelson, given at the Soul Train Awards in March, 2000 (emphasis mine):

Some people find it odd that when
we win anything in this game, we
give praise back unto God. Well in
somebody else’s game, any triumph
makes us feel blessed. When its your
game, you make the rules, everything
comes easy. All of your friends are in
key positions so when you decide you
don’t want to play anymore, You never
leave empty-handed. Can somebody say
“golden parachute”?

Well it’s not your game. You didn’t
make the rules so everything comes
hard. As long as you’re signed to a
contract, you’re going to take a
minority share of the winnings. A select
few of us will do well. The majority
will not. So as a people, we’ll be
considered a minority.

But stop – let’s take a moment and
look at yourselves. There’s nothing
minor about you. You are a blessed people.
You’re the most talented on Earth and
you are still grateful. That is why upon
winning in their game, you always thank
God. Tonight I would like to ask one favor
of you. Imagine what we’ll all be like
in our own game.

Peace and Love4oneanother.

Can you imagine what our game could, would, and should be!

Thank you, Prince!