A Change Is Gonna Come

Few weeks back, I had to vent about the Philando Castile verdict.  That was a crushing blow to me.

Today, I’m starting to feel a little differently.  Today, I tripped upon a YouTube video from Proctor & Gamble entitled “The Talk.”  I’m sure you can imagine the gist of the commercial.  Now, P&G has been selling black specific hair products since 2008 and I will acknowledge that this is indeed a commercial.

Nevertheless, it brings up something that I have argued with some of my friends that The Talk doesn’t happen at their tables or in their homes.  When some of my friends teach their children to drive, they won’t be sharing with them how important it is to keep your hands on the wheel or to keep your wallet on the center console so they won’t create the impression that you’re reaching for something else.

This is the first time that I have seen a corporation spend a good deal of money developing and distributing a commercial that acknowledges The Talk.  There will be plenty of people throughout the country who will cry reverse racism, who will strenuously deny there is racism or privilege, and they’ll exclaim that All Lives Matter.  P&G is going to get a great deal of backlash and I pray they are strong enough to take and to continue promoting both the need for understanding and compassion, as well as black hair care products.

I watched the video three times today.  The last time I pulled it up, my Amazon Echo started playing Sam Cooke’s A Change is Gonna Come.  Somehow, I find it fitting that today, when I have a little more hope than before, that Sam came on to remind me (and us all) that indeed a change is gonna come.  It has been a long time coming.  But it is coming.

Oh, yes it will.