I’ve read a lot of comments over the last couple of days about “myths” and “judge on the totality” of a life, and thoughts about “Colorado.”

Very few of those comments I felt were valid because there would be a hypersense  of allegiance to Kobe or extreme vitriol on what he was accused of or his statement after the criminal case.

This article from VerySmartBrothers.com … represents me and captures my thoughts on both my evolution and devolution and re-evolution and Kobe’s evolution, devolution and re-evolution.

In the end, I can’t judge him. You can’t either. That’s not our jobs. I can’t forgive him. You can’t either. That’s not for us.

We can only feel what we feel. I’m saddened because a black father died with his daughter and I’m scared that I can’t be as good as he was with her in that moment.

And that makes me both sad and inspired to be both a better man and a better father.

That’s all I got.

Enjoy the read: On Processing My Messy Feelings About Kobe Bryant’s Myth Life and Death.