A “friend” (see my blog post from this week about Daunte Wright to fully understand the connotation of how I use that word) who has been pretty silent publicly on the issue of black/law enforcement office relations posted this earlier today. Giving him the benefit of a doubt (which admittedly I’ve been very short on these last few years), this is worth an answer.

For the “good ones who walk away”, I will thank them for their service and ask them to join me in pointing out the “bad ones” who refuse to leave or didn’t get disciplined because too many of the “good ones” stayed quiet.

And I will continue to speak out because this “token” is tired of being your example of “But I’m not racist … because Dave’s my friend!”

I’m tired of “Why didn’t they just comply?”

I’m tired of “When I was pulled over I complied and nothing happened to me?” I’m tired of that whole line of bullshit.

I’m tired of those “friends” who quickly seek to dodge the real issue that must be addressed. If that’s you … please move to the line that starts over there for those folks who now have the benefit of kissing my ass.

I do know some good LEO’s who live in Redford Township, Louisana, Kalamazoo Township, Kalamazoo County, Chicago, Lansing and other places. They know who they are and I hope they know that I love each one of them. I’m sure as my aggressive speech increased I have hurt them.

I apologize for that … but I cannot not go back to being quiet and I will not apologize for speaking up.

I will stand by the good ones, I will stand by my friends, and I pray they will stand by me and other Black Americans.

All of this leads to the question, for my other “friends” … What will you do?