Yup … we went ahead and did it.

It only took us six or seven years.

But we did it.

On a Saturday, before running the Detroit US Half Marathon, a race in which neither one of us really trained for, during some substantial carb loading, my friend Angela looked at me and said, “We should start a podcast! We have lots of shit we talk about all the time, we should podcast it because it’ll be fun!”

Years flew by and then I was asked to guest on a couple of podcast for work. Then I was asked to do a video blog for work.

And then I was gifted an Amazon Gift card that allowed me to buy a podcast recording bundle.

And then I called Angela and said, “OK … time to do a podcast.”

So tag along for a listen. We’ll probably have a new episode every couple of weeks. We’ll talk about crazy news stories, stupid social media posts, and of course something about sports and anything else that our “special What the Effin’ What correspondents” send us.

Hope you enjoy!