No, I didn’t move to Ohio … but my podcast co-host and best friend Angela did. So of course, we had to do an episode about it.

In a slightly overdue episode of What the Effin What, we officially open up the new Remote Office in Northeastern Ohio.  Join us to hear all about Clock’s move, her discovery of the location of some famous dead people, singing with Ben Folds, and her experience at a Cleveland Guardians baseball game.  

I also share my concerns about there being so many new #ducks at the Michigan State Captiol, including the infamous #FauxDuck, the newly created #BudgetDuck, which join the family of the #LameDuck.

We also talk about some gator named Karen that was chased in Michigan, bad words found on some headstone, and a nice walrus named Freya.

Oh … and this week we say the names of our friends: Angela Fossi, Karen Brown, Lauren Leeds, Christine Broberg, Amanda Fisher, Jay Johnson, Jason Larsen, Abby Sumbler, Jennifer Mansfield, Jennifer Kurland, and Adam Bonarek.