This weekend marks the 1st Quarter Michigan Jaycee Convention at Boyne Mountain. Here’s what I came up with for the Saturday morning invocation:

Arsenio Hall once said, “I stood up in front of a speech class and said ‘I plan to make a living with my oratory skills, and I’d like to be a talk show host.’ There was a pause, then the most incredible laughter you’ve ever heard in your life.”

When we desire a grand achievement, like going back-to-back growth years for the Michigan Jaycees, we have to be prepared for some folks to ridicule and for some folks to not believe it can be possible. Nevertheless we need to have the guts to stand up to that. Perhaps we cope with this by keeping our real dreams close to our vest. Others might enjoy the challenge of stating our goals publicly so that we are driven to provide our seriousness.

Let’s allow ourselves to keep dreaming big, as monumental as we want. Let no one else cut our dreams down to size … besides, you can’t cut down an unlimited sky.