I was driving home last week from Lansing when, on southbound I-69, the car in front of me kicked up some piece of the road (or a broken piece of car). Whatever it was hit me smack dab in the middle of my bumper/front spoiler. At the time, it didn’t seem like the car was damaged, but since I was going just under 78 MPH, I didn’t check it at the time.

Later, I discovered that the middle part of my front spoiler is broke. Might be something I can cobble back together but most likely not. The really frustrating thing for me … I just got the front end of my car put back together earlier this year. Frickin’ A, man!

So, as I get to work today – once again pushing on Michigan legislators to ACT NOW to adequately fund our transportation system, it occurred to me … there are somethings that I can’t do by myself. This is something that I need your help with.

Friday, I returned from the 2009 American Public Works Association (Michigan Chapter) annual meeting in Boyne, MI. The APWA is the association of public works directors and employees throughout the state. These are the folks who manage municipal infrastructure (water, sewer, and roads). Each year, I give a Legislative Update to the members of the APWA and try to provide some perspective on what is going on in the State Legislature. This year, my task was to educate them on the Transportation Funding Task Force (TF2) funding legislation that is coming soon.

Part of my presentation included sharing with them a spreadsheet from MDOT that shows what each Michigan city and village can expect to receive in new transportation money if the TF2 bills are enacted. It was good to see them get excited about the possibilities of a legislature finally supporting the efforts to get good transportation in Michigan.

I had to remind them that they have the power to get this done, just like you do. I’ve been told many times by legislators “Yeah Dave, I get it. Transportation needs more money. But I’m only hearing it from you, not from my folks at home.” I need you to ACT NOW!

So how do you ACT NOW? Here’s a link to the Get Michigan Moving Action Center Let me know how you’re doing with these calls. Tell your friends and families to call. We need the legislature to ACT NOW on transportation funding. so that you can send emails or make calls.