I’ve been following hockey for a few years now, really started following it back in college. One of the things that you learn right away is that you only touch the trophy that you really want … in this case the Stanley Cup. To do so beforehand will undoubtedly result in you not winning Lord Stanley that year.

So imagine my surprise on Tuesday of this week, when the Pittsburgh Penguins won the Eastern Conference Finals and their captain Sidney Crosby not only touched the Prince of Wales trophy but actually carried it on the ice!

Don’t believe me … then watch this:

I said right there and then, seasons over fellas!

Now, to prove to you that my beloved Red Wings didn’t touch the Clarence Campbell Bowl – I give you this video feed from last night’s game.


I’ll say it here again – WINGS in 5 (just so that we can win the Cup at home this time).

Until our next post, enjoy The Good Ole Hockey Game!