The iPod, tonight, has really been jamming in my ears and that is a good thing since it has helped me decide to continue my educational base through an online program (more on that in a future blog).

At any rate, Mr. iPod has decided to play Arrested Developments Mr. Wendle twice over the last hour. Of course that means one of two things: 1 – I need to put more music in the R&B/Dance/Rap playlist (apparently just having 285 songs in that list isn’t enough), or; 2 – the iPod is trying to get me to think bigger thoughts.

Working on the assumption that it’s the late, I find myself thinking on the beginning lyrics from the song: “Here have a dollar. In fact, nah brother man, here have two. Two dollars means a snack to me, but it mean a big deal to you. Be strong. Serve God only. Know that if you beautiful Heaven awaits.”

Not many songs successfully start out by shaking your thoughts right away … but this is one of them. Mr. Wendel gets your brain moving and of course, it gets your butt shaking too.

Here’s to Speech and Ishi and the rest of Arrested Development. Tonight’s shout out is to y’all!