I’ve been able to catch up a few movies this week, including “Catch Me If You Can.” The movie is classified as a comedy/thriller, but I really think it’s more of a movie about the importance of family and of perseverance.

From the get-go, the story of two little mice and a bucket of cream is used to set the tone and to show why Frank Abagnale did what he did. Granted, there’s some creative license that is used to make the story a little flashier than the actual story, but there’s still a valid message that is told in Speilberg’s work.

As I search the job postings, and as I send out resumes and cover letters, I will have to try to keep in mind that I’m that second mouse … and I’ll turn that cream into butter.

And who knows, maybe I can be as cool as Christopher Walken someday! 😉