I know, I know, I know. “Let it rest already!” I agree, time to move on and let the man rest, but I do want to quickly share with you what I thought was the most appropriate part of yesterday’s service.

“Human Nature is one of my favorite Michael Jackson songs, probably the most favorite. And while he didn’t write the song, there’s a certain feeling and a level of emotion that he gave the song that just hits me everytime I hear it.

John Mayer’s performance of “Human Nature” was perfect. He didn’t sing. He didn’t have to. He let his guitar, which is his strongest talent in my opinion, do all the proverbial talking. There’s a lesson to be learned there. Sometimes we can do more things, we can say more things when we don’t say a thing.

Not discounting the words of Paris Jackson about her father (which had me crying a bit) and not discounting the classiness of Brook Shields words about her friend, John Mayer really did a great job.