In the last 12 hours, I’ve read two very disturbing stories that highlight the fact that our beloved country still has a helluva long way to go before we can say that we are treating “All men equal.”

The first story ( is about a swim club in Philadelphia who initially accept a dues payment from a summer camp. This summer camp, which is serves black children, brought the kids to the club to swim one day and all of the sudden, they’re asked to leave and their dues refunded because “They changed the complexion of the club.”

It’s sad to think that this type of discrimination still happens today … but it does all of the time. I’ve not experienced overt discrimination like this myself, but can’t tell you how many time when my wife and I have gone into restaurants together, walked down the street holding hands, and have watched “that look” coming from both white and black people. Some folks will even shake their heads at us. After a while, you just laugh it off.

But these actions by the swim club, you can’t laugh off.

And you can’t laugh off this second story either( A group of black teenagers chanting “It’s a black world now!” attack a white family on the evening of the 4th of July.

Did these kids have a reason to feel that way? Doesn’t matter … because their premise is wrong. It’s not a black world. It’s not a white world. It’s everybody’s world … no matter how many punches you throw or bones you break (either your own or someone else’s).

These stories just make me scratch my head and pray that we, as a people, get it one of these days.

Let me end by quoting Phil Collins, from his song Long Long Way To Go, “I’ve seen all I want to see today.”