Working Hard So We Can Play

Debbie Allen said, “I do work very hard, and when I finish a project, I can party all night.

A friend recently reminded me of the importance of keeping things in balance. Whether it is our professional lives, our personal lives, or our work in the Jaycees, finding that balance can be pretty tricky. Some of us might feel guilty when we’re not working – having been told that only hard work is rewarded with raises and promotions.

But I suggest to you that tonight, as we get into the big awards of the evening, we’re going to see that hard work is rewarded with lots of playing. We’re going to see that hard work is rewarded through the benefits that we have brought to numerous communities throughout our state and numerous lives that are better because of what we do.

If that’s not a reason to celebrate with a beer or two, then let’s at least remember that all work and no play a burned out Jaycee will you be. So let’s set sometime out tonight to have a good time and to celebrate the fact that we are discovering that The Sky has no the Limit.