So after the work day was done today, I decided I’d watch a little bit of Steven Speilberg’s “The Terminal”. This is one of the many movies that I’ve come to like after watching 80 millions times. Most critics liked it, but I’ve not heard a lot about it from my usual crew of friends.

Basic story goes like this. Tom Hanks plays Viktor Navorski of a fictional country Krakozhia (located somewhere by Albania). While flying to New York City, his country experiences a coup and loses it’s diplomatic status and denies all incoming flights. Because of this, the US cancels his visa and won’t let him in. He can’t go back home, he can’t come in the US, he’s stuck at JFK … for months.

There is one moment in the film where, in his broken English way, Viktor saves another foreigner who is trying to bring medicine to his dying father. After doing, the story spreads throughout JFK about the man who stood in front of the little man:

There was 20 men. Immigration gun was drawn. The Dixon was ready to fire, to kill the little man with the pills. But then someone walks into the room and stands in front of the little man.

“Put the guns away,” the man say, “Nobody will die today!”

This clip (and you only really need to watch the first 4:30 of this clip) from movie that I share tonight is dedicated to all of those folks who decide to stand in front of the little people to say “Nobody will die today!”