Today has been a bit of a busy day. I’ve been at the dentist most of the day and while I was waiting for my latest round of x-ray’s to be developed, I was asked to stop by WKZO’s “The Trifecta” (on 590 AM/96.5 FM starting at 3PM Eastern Time) to talk about Michigan banking and politics. Lucky for me, it’s a slow day (thanks to the holiday) so I can take advantage of this chance to work from home.

I was first on the show last year during my County Commission campaign and I had a lot of fun. As we chatted that day, we discovered that all of us on the show that day (the hosts Jim McKinney, Roger Taylor, Jay Morris) all had college radio backgrounds. Jim, Roger, and I had shows on WIDR-FM (89.1 … your “Source for the Best in Contemporary Jazz”). We traded many stories on being in the basement of the Birdcage, spinning vinyl, taking transmitter readings, etc.

I joked that maybe I picked the wrong career, especially after some of my friends wanted to hear more of my “DJ Dave” voice. Back in high school, people liked to tell me that I had a great voice for the office announcements and the basketball games I used to do PA work for. One of my favorite memories includes the time I announced all of the District Basketball tournament games that my high school hosted my junior year (especially when Hackett was in the finals against Kalamazoo Christian … and WE WON). I actually started out as a Communications Major when I started out at Western Michigan University.

But then I got involved with the student government (WSA) and did the whole political thing and enjoyed it. Suddenly, instead of picturing myself on ESPN I started seeing myself on Capitol Hill or on Face The Nation or something like that.

There are times I miss being the Emcee/DJ/announcer but for some reason, I just can’t see myself being as cool as James Earl Jones on CNN. Maybe someday when I retire.

But for now, I will enjoy being on the air for two hours today.