Today is the first Saturday of Sede Vacante 2013. The See of Rome is empty because on Thursday Pope Benedict XVI resigned, the first Pope to do so in almost 600 years.

In one of his farewell blessings, Pope Benedict said, in essence, that there were times where it seemed that the Lord was asleep like he was on the boat in a storm with the Apostles.

I’ve written before about times where I get frustrated that God doesn’t come when or in the ways I want Him to (i.e. bringing an Ace on the river when I need one in a hand of poker). Those times where it’s easy to lose faith when He’s not there as we would have Him.

But that’s really an immature way to see God. It shouldn’t be a “I’ll take what I need” relationship, nor should it be.

It is, however refreshing to hear that even the Pope feels lost sometimes. I’ve never imagined that the Pope would feel alone. I mean, he’s God’s right hand man, right? How could the Pope ever be left alone.

My church needs some changes. Some will say it needs to allow married priests (something’s I agree with), it needs to allow women priest (yes).

But really, my church needs to be more open and show it can be human and it can feel. Benedict’s statement that it seemed The Lord was asleep is something I never thought I’d hear. It built my respect for him and if more of my church’s leaders were willing to be humble and show that even they have doubts, more people may come back to God, even when he sleeps.

God Bless you Pope Benedict XVI. May you enjoy your retirement in peace. And may this Sede Vacante be a courageous one.