Curse you  Curse you!  Curse you because today you decide to share a cute little video of a little girl playing in the rain for the first time.  Curse you because you then had to add the cute little puppy at the 2:05 mark of said video!

Way to go!  Putting a smile on my face, a warm feeling in my heart, and another opportunity to remember when I was a kid and didn’t mind the rain as much as I do now.

Think about that last part.  When we were kids we were down with the rain.  We could splash around, make some mud, have some fun.  Somewhere along the way we grew cynical and cursed the rain because it interferes with a good run, gets our feet wet, makes golf more difficult to play, gives us colds, makes us sick … yada yada yada.

Take another look at the video.  However, this time don’t look at the little girl.  Look at the grass.  Look at how green it is.

Then remember that when we get to July and August and we look at our brown yards, beat down from the summer sun.  Remember what it’s like to be a kid.

And then let’s go ahead and turn on the sprinklers and run through it like we were young again.

There’s nothing wrong with that mental picture at all!  There’s nothing wrong with a little rain at all!  There’s nothing like being a little kid all over again!