My mother has recently rediscovered the internet, email, social media.  On regular occasions she will share things about black heritage with me.  I usually read them quickly and then put them aside.

This morning, however, she shared a pretty good one titled “10 Things All Young Black Men Should Know“.  If anything, I would amend the title so that it’s “10 Things All Black Men Should Know.”

Take a gander at this list, especially Alex Hinton, and chew on it for a bit.

  1.  Know that you are a young Black man in America and that means you are different than other Americans.  While you can still realize your dreams, you might have to take a different path.  You will have to be more careful, more thoughtful and more aware than others to survive in America.
  2. Value education, learning and reading.  The more and better you can read for understanding, the freer and more powerful you will become.  
  3. Work hard.  Many times, it is not what you know that makes you successful, but instead consistency, persistence, effort and dedication.  Be sure to just “show up”.
  4. Respect women and girls.  They hold up half the sky in our communities.  Together we can accomplish great things in our families and communities.
  5. Believe in something higher than yourself.  Whether its religious, spiritual or philosophical, connect with and explore the larger universe and eternity.
  6. Emulate strong, positive, intelligent Black men.  Use them as your mentors and role models.
  7. Be a leader!  Exhibit courage, wisdom, vision and good decision-making skills to help your community improve.  You are a natural leader.  Others will follow your positive and righteous actions.
  8. Respect and work with other young Black men to accomplish great things for your community.  Teams of young Black men can accomplish what individuals cannot.
  9. Study your history and culture.  You are not alone, ever.
  10. Choose positive peers, associates and friends.  Those relationships will help determine your path in life.  

Out of this list, the one that hit home the hardest is #9. YOU ARE NOT ALONE. EVER!

Ain’t that the truth!