Yesterday morning, just before heading off to Lansing to catch more of the fall out from the Election of 2016, my Facebook newsfeed was full of dread and grief and all sorts of sadness and negativity from many of my dearest friends as they absorbed what happened.

My response was the following:

So many of my friends are asking “What do I tell my children? ” similar to what the hyperbolic Van Johnson said around 1:30 this morning.

I’ve been thinking of that as well, as someone who is also stunned at what happened. I wrote the following in response to a post from a good friend of mine from high school:

“Look at how the country survived slave owners, and white supremacists, and crooks in office for the previous 240 years.

This is a nation that survived a civil war.

This is a nation that only survives because of the goodness of people . Not elected officials. Of people.

Look to the east and see the sun.

Look up and see the sky is there and not falling.

Focus on those things and always remember to have faith.

I’m a Minority, I’m a republican who voted for her, but I have faith in the goodness of humanity and in a 33 year old man from Israel who said He won’t let us down over 2000 years ago.

That’s what you can tell your children and your friends and yourself.

It. Will. Be. OK.”

I found the Stephen Colbert clip above later in the day. I didn’t watch it live because we don’t get Showtime anymore (we enjoyed the three month free trial …thanks Direct TV).  As always, he said what I’m thinking well better than what I wrote.

But at the end of the day, we both have the same message.  Whether you voted for Trump or voted for Hilary or voted for Johnson or voted for Stein or wrote me in (thank you for those who did … you so crazy).

The message is simple.  IT. WILL. BE. OK.

So, like he said, if you’re a Democrat – go kiss a Republican.  If you’re a Republican, go hug a Democrat.  And let’s all go rub the heads of the folks from the Libertarian, Green, National Tax Payer, and all those other parties! And let’s chillax until the next election, OK?