It’s been almost three months since former WMU Football Coach (and current Minnesota Football Coach) left us.  I haven’t written anything serious about it, save posts and responses on Facebook, mainly saying that I don’t blame the man and that I wish him the best.  Frankly, I’ll be cheering for him and Minnesota (except when they play Michigan or WMU. Then I hope he gets blown out).

But today, between frustrated and intensely negative moments at work, the biggest lesson that Coach Fleck taught me popped in my head.  It’s a lesson he gave to the football team and shared with everyone in Waldo Stadium who caught a WMU Football game.  And it goes something like this (since I’m not sure how much longer the entrance video will stay on the WMU Athletics page):

Elite teams understand elite moments and elite opportunities.  They understand that.

You created and brought back excitement, life, spirit, and purpose back to Kalamazoo. And you can feel it and you can see it and you can hear it!

Tonight men, leave nothing! Leave nothing! BURN IT ALL!

But take everything!


There have been plenty of days that just piss me off at work. Days that leave me absolutely exhausted. Days that really make me want to leave, make me want to disappear, make me want to walk out the door and never come back to this place.

But that’s not gonna happen because, if I’m honest with myself, I haven’t burned it all yet.  I haven’t shown my colleagues and the folks around town how much I can persevere and how, at the end of the day … I’m gonna take everything.


So … mess with me as much as you like. Wish me ill. Think whatever you want.  That’s on you.

For me … watch me!

Burn baby burn!!!