Every now and then, when hanging around the State Capitol, you come across someone who is a true servant leader. Someone who takes pride in helping a fellow human. Someone who has a lot of love in their heart and seeks to understand others.

On top of that, you find out that they’re cool as hell!

That is/was State Senator Morris Hood. He fell victim to Covid last night.

We could talk issues all day long, but we never really did because our conversation would usually quickly turn into family talk, sports talk, or (and this was the highlight for me), music/DJ’ing.

In one of our last official meetings during his last year in office, he chatted about some banking issues, but then he asked me, “What are you using when you DJ … ’cause I’m thinking about finding a new app to use.”

Now, I always carry my laptop with me, so I broke it out and showed him Virtual DJ and started playing some Steve Wonder in his office. I mixed a couple songs and showed a few effects and he was having so much fun!

The next time I saw him, we were passing each other in the Senate lobby and he asked for me to come back to see him and to bring my mixer so he could see how the app worked with my Numark. I said I would.

We said that to each to other the next five times I saw him and then the term was over. I never did bring the mixer to him. I’ll be regretting that for a long time (even if the MSP and the Senate sergeants would wonder why a lobbyist was bring a big metal case into the Capitol Complex).

If there is good in any death, it’s that he is now reunited with his wife. She passed during his time in office and he spoke often on the floor in his speeches about making the most of the time we have because you never know when it’ll be gone. He stressed how that was way different than losing an election or having to leave because of term limits. His wisdom is vast.

I’ll miss you, Senator. I’m sure that you’re setting things up in Heaven and are going to mix a great party. If you ever need some music to help with that … just tap me on my shoulder and I’ll pray to God that He’ll let me get it to you somehow.

Rest in Peace, Mo. May the Angels guide you to your eternal rest and perpetual light surround you.

And may the Lord’s peace fill all of us as we celebrate the blessings and memory of a really cool cat.