My friend Dana did a FB live last night that captured a lot of what I’ve been feeling this week. You might not be able to see it if you’re not connected to her, but trust me when I tell you it is powerful and right on the money. 

She and I are part of the old Candlewyck Apts. crew. We grew up together for a number of years. We both experienced being the “black kid” in a Catholic school (albeit three grades apart). We are both Broncos. 

And we are both shaken and struggling.

She talked about the many times our Caucasian friends ask “How do we change? What can we do?”

Look, we get why we’re asked “How” … but that’s not the question to ask us. The person who commits a crime doesn’t get to ask a victim of rape, or torture, or assault because that’s asinine. Why would you ask a tramatized person that?

But that is the question to ask yourselves, the leadership of the city, township, county, state, Congressional district, and nation you live in. And then you hold those people accountable (including yourselves since your vote supposedly means something).

That’s what this takes … some a-fucking-countability. Arrest these men, convict them. Discipline them. Don’t let the system be played by some inside game or slick legal trick. 

Do what you’re supposed to do and treat all equally under the law. Isn’t that why Lincoln and Grant pushed for the 14th Amendment … so that black men could finally vote and be treated like their white counterparts? What happened to all the progress made during Reconstruction when black men were being elected to Congress and state houses in huge numbers? Why did that stop when the Klan showed up and started killing us? Why did that stop when the North felt it was too expensive to send in federal help? Why did it take another 100 years, not to get back to even … but to get back to the five steps behind that we’re supposed to be grateful for.

Damn it people! When will you finally show the world that the Declaration means something for more than just white men. 

Speak up! Silence means consent. If you’re silent, you are not my friend. And don’t blame it on Zuck’s … I’ve posted too many times and in too many different ways for out voices to get lost in some algorithm. I know you’ve heard me. I know you’ve read me. Decision time is here. What are you going to do?

Do. Your. Job. As. Decent. Human. Beings!!!

That’s what you can do.

Thus speaks me, Dana, George, Trayvon, Philando, Martin, Malcolm, and all black people. 

450 years of this shit is enough.